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People of this world, we are 100% sure that you are very much excited about the fact that your beloved cricket occasion is coming back to town. We cant blame you for being too excited and over whelmed by this news because we ourselves were very happy to hear that cricket world cup is finally coming to town and we all could never be more excited about it. You see, it’s not about the cricket event itself. It’s about all the other activities that the cricket world cup brings along with us whenever it’s near such as the aspect of cricket match prediction of 2019. Prediction guru is a site that is working to tell all of us about what is going to happen in the cricket matches of 2019, even before the matches even start. But they have been working since the beginning of time and now people are praising them because of being authentic, since the past couple of years, they have been proven right by many people and authentic sites. Then what should you people do if you don’t have the guru with you to tell you all about what is going to happen. Well people, you don’t need to break a sweat because we are with you. We are going to tell you all about today match prediction and we assure you that whatever we say will be right In all ways.